Wood Chips Delivered

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Earth-friendly and Garden-ready Wood Chips!

Tree trimmings chips are great for helping control weeds in your landscape.

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Why buy bark, when you can have something even better?

As a result of all the tree pruning and trimming we do, we are able to provide wood chips – delivered to your location.

Wood chips are a beautiful addition to a natural landscape, and a great solution when you’ve got lots of space to cover.   Our high quality chippers produce a consistent chip size for many uses, including:

  • Pathways and wet areas
  • Mulch for weed reduction- If additional nitrogen is not mixed with the wood chips, the micro-organisms will get the nitrogen they need from the soil, competing with plant roots for the nitrogen available in the soil. This is why bark mulch works to keep weeds down.
  • Cheap replacement for bark in flower beds
  • Use in garden areas and mulch

The average size delivery is 12-15 yards of wood chips, which is perfect for your larger landscaping project.

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