Tree Pruning, Trimming & Maintenance

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Landscape trees require pruning and regular maintenance to retain their health and beauty.

While many landscape tasks are appropriate as DIY projects for homeowners; trees can be tricky.  Even hired landscapers many times do not know the proper techniques.  Unlike the hair on your head, once cut wrong will not grow back with the same look ever.  So, it is important to know what you are doing to preserve the natural and healthy aspects of your trees and shrubs.  Pruning trees can also be extremely dangerous work.  It is estimated that mature tree limbs weigh 50 to 90 pounds per foot.  A big branch can knock you out and down to the ground.  Also, reports show that “approximately 36,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries from using chain saws” each year.  Tree pruning and maintenance is best left to the experts.  Your personal safety is worth hiring the ISA certified trained professionals.

Reasons to Prune


  • Remove dead or diseased limbs which may pose a threat to personal property
  • Improve clearance for utility lines and visibility
  • Promote home security by eliminating obstructed views

Health and vigor

  • Encourage air circulation and sunlight
  • Boost fruit and flower production
  • Eliminate disease or insect problems


  • Enhance the form, shape and silhouette of the tree
  • Complement the existing landscape
  • Enrich your environment with the splendor only a tree provides 

Stewardship of your Canopy

Today, it makes sense to be good stewards of our environment. The magnificence and environmental importance of trees is undisputed.  As stated by Environment Canada, Canada’s national environmental agency, “On average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four.”

Real Estate Value

It has been estimated that mature trees may increase your home value by 10-15%, according to Dr. Kathleen Wolf at City Trees and Property Values. Well-maintained trees add curb appeal to your home. According to the Arbor Day Foundation’s research, 83% of realtors believe that mature trees have a ‘strong or moderate impact’ on the salability of homes listed for under $150,000; on homes over $250,000, this perception increases to 98 percent.  Pruning and regular maintenance will keep your trees as valuable assets.  Simply put, trees are worth professional care.

Using ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified Arborists techniques by our qualified, trained and experienced to keep your trees in top shape.  Each project is by an ISA certified Arborist, with technical knowledge to answer your questions, state-of-the-art equipment and liability insurance to assure great results for your project.

Please call A to Z for a free, no-obligation estimate on your tree pruning needs.