Tree Removal and Assessment

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Trees are among the longest living and largest organisms on earth and the removal of them is never taken lightly.

Proper care and pruning is so important to your property and our environment.  However, leaving a tree that poses a hazard can be dangerous and have liability consequences.  If you have any concerns over a tree please call us (link) for a consultation.

Our staff and ISA certified Arborist w/Tree Risk Assessor certification are dedicated to the management and assessment of trees. They will guide you through the steps in choosing the best option for your tree.

Reasons for tree removal may include:

  • Safety
  • Storm Damage
  • Insect & disease problems
  • Tree health
  • Construction

Trim or Prune

So many options are available in making the right choice when caring for your trees.  Tree preservation is our job and we will help you to save and protect your trees.  With the proper attention, thought and discussing your wants and needs we will make an agreed decision to get to the results you want.   Our certified arborist is available to guide and perform the most up to date ISA certified techniques.  Insuring the correct cuts and pruning are done at the highest standards to beautify and promote health for you and your trees.


After careful consideration of the options, sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree.  It is not always easy to determine which trees are safe; live trees can often pose the most hazards and it takes an educated or trained professional to identify the early signs of tree failure.  Once the decision is made for removal, our professional tree removal team is ready to do the work for you.


Please be advised that there are certain tree protection regulations and ordinances within each city in the Seattle area.  A to Z is up-to-date on specific bylaws and permit requirements and able to file the necessary permits for your project or help guide you through the process.

A to Z has the equipment, technical skill and experience to complete all your tree concerns and projects. Serving the Seattle area since 1994; we offer quality workmanship and reliable service.  We take great pride in our work.  Please read some our Reviews from satisfied customers.

Safety is a priority, both for our workforce and your property.  Your job will be done with safety and precision.  We are licensed, bonded, insured and carry Washington State Labor &Industries insurance. Our team is fully covered by workman’s comp insurance.

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