Stump Grinding and Removal

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As with so many projects a homeowner faces, sometimes it just makes sense to hire a professional.

When you add up the risks involved with renting, hauling and operating the equipment, the time involved in digging by hand, the potential hazard of leaving a stump in place it may not be worth doing it yourself.  A to Z offers reliable, economical service for stump removal.  We have “seen it all” when it comes to addressing tree stumps.  When done properly, you can re-plant a tree in the same location. With our trained operator’s, tight clearances are no problem for our equipment.  We protect your property with deflectors from the chips, rocks or other buried debris.  We can leave the chipped mulch for you to use in your garden, or for an additional cost, we will haul it away.  We can also arrange for fill dirt to be brought in when necessary.

As with any projects requiring digging, it is important to locate underground utilities prior to stump removal.  These utility lines will be located and marked by the utility company to ensure safe digging. In Washington you can call 811, or go online at, for this free service. It generally takes a couple of days to have this done. We would be happy to make the call for you.

Leave the stump in place

Be aware that it is difficult to replant anything nearby because tree root systems often spread out several feet.  Depending on the type of tree, the stump and roots may also send out water shoots or suckers that will have to be continually dealt with.  Stumps and roots that are left will eventually decay. This decaying process will naturally include various fungi, insect housing and may spread to existing plants, turf and even your home.  It will eventually develop into a sinkhole or cave-in and have to be filled in with dirt.

Dig out the old fashioned way

This method requires digging a trench around the stump and then systematically cutting, sawing and digging the roots out. It is grueling, time consuming, hard labor.  There is no fast or easy way to dig out a stump by hand. Necessary tools include, a shovel, pick axe, sawzall, hand saw or pruning saw. This may be an option for the homeowner that is physically capable and has the necessary time and tools.

Rent a stump grinder

A stump grinder is a specialized machine that cost about $200.00 to rent per day and an extra cost after the machine is inspected for damages and worn carbide teeth that may cost an additional $100-$200.  It is a gas self propelled heavy power tool with a whirling wheel studded with carbide metal teeth that, when spinning, chips away at the tree stump.  It is physically demanding to operate the rental versions.  Like all heavy equipment, there is inherent risk in using one, especially for the novice.

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