Storm Damage & Clean-up

storm damage and clean-up Seattle

Storms create havoc when unsafe trees land on homes, cars and property.

Assessing the damage and cleaning up after the storm can be tricky… and hazardous.

When a storm has caused a tree to fall, immediate action is required. Leaving a fallen tree can pose safety and liability concerns for the homeowner.

Using a professional Arborist means less damage to trees and property.

Our ISA certified professional arborists can assess storm damage situations, so you can make the best decisions for the care of your property and your trees. We use specialized equipment to minimize the damage to homes and property, we can manage storm damage clean-up and recovery needs, including:

  • Corrective pruning after ice, wind or snow damage
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree salvaging
  • Landscape clean-up
  • Re-planting

Rather than taking a chance on doing it yourself; allow us to assess your situation and recommend the proper course of action.

When you call A to Z Trees, you’ll get a job done with the safety of your family, home and property in mind. We are licensed, bonded, insured and carry Washington State Labor &Industries insurance. Our team is fully covered by workman’s comp insurance.

Contact us to schedule an onsite damage assessment. Or call (425)497-8733 (TREE) for the help you need… when you need it!